Websites are supposed to bring prospects to your company and assist you in turning them into clients, but in many cases they actually are killing these chances.

So why does this happen so much of the time and what can you do about it is the million-dollar question.

To help you determine what may be wrong with your website, and what is right with it, here are 3 ways to kill your success:

1Provide way too much information.

One quick way to get potential customers to bounce off your website is to provide them with an avalanche of information they neither requested or need at their particular point of entry. Most visitors would rather click off your website if they don’t immediately find what they are looking for and look for an alternative than spend the time on your site trying to figure out what you have to offer.

To attract and hold their attention, only provide information that will bring them to the next logical step they would ask and make seeking this information fun and easy to obtain.

2. Don’t provide a specific call to action.

If your website contains multiple solutions with multiple options it’s more than likely you are experiencing very high bounce rates. That’s because these types of options easily confuse customers and this produces the undesirable effect of people clicking off your site.

One quick way to fix this problem is to keep all of your communications extremely simple to understand using only one offer. Also, by making the call to action easy to find more people will tend to complete the call to action and move to the next stage of buying your product or service.

3. Don’t test your writing.

When was the last time you tested your copy using a simple A and B test run? Landing pages are great tools for just this activity. By varying your message for an A and B sample group you will be able to judge what is working best. Once you have tested your copy, design, and graphics you should be able to move away from generic commonplace writing into truly creative ways to tell your story.

People love a great story so you need to make sure yours is truly interesting and fun to read. At the very least, it needs to bring real value to reward the reader and cause him to return. The more specific the headline is the easier it will be for the reader to know what you are talking about. Short and simple are your friends when composing creative copy.

Know your market well so you can talk in their language

If there is one key to building strong website traffic it is to join your prospect customers using their language, versus insisting they learn yours. How many times have very smart people tried to build a company using their own methods and practices and failed because no one understood what they were talking about?

People are more likely to trust a precise number over a rounded number because it implies authenticity and accuracy. Look at your website’s copy to see how many general statements are made versus specific ones. The results might surprise you and help to explain why your website lacks traffic.