Having a significant amount of information about your situation is always helpful. Being able to breakdown the boundaries that have encumbered your thinking is truly useful. And possessing the exact right education in your market area is excellent. However, none of these will make you a great leader because that requires some personal strength that often has to be learned.

  1. Be understanding. Don’t be a boss, be logical self-aware and help others see what you see.
  2. Be logical. Bringing solid solutions to a problem earns you the respect and loyalty of everyone in your organization.
  3. Be honest. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s what makes us human. The ability to admit when you’ve made a mistake doesn’t diminish you in the minds of those around you, it makes them want to follow you all the more.
  4. Be focused. Finish what you start and only start projects you intend to finish. Don’t experiment with projects that you have already questioned and put off. You will end up hurting your company and possibly some of those who work for or with you.
  5. Be courageous. Try new things. Don’t just repeat and repeat. That’s boring and will not build innovation into your business, which is one of the most important ingredients to any great leader.

Your good name is your most valuable asset. Guard it jealously. What you say and what you do need to be identical. So make them both count and you’ll be on your way to making a difference in your life and those who work with you.