What happened: Many business-to-business companies are making a  change in their presentations by becoming more adept in their understanding of the newer media marketing tools such as Google Search, Ad Words, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and many other blogging and related activities. Two short years ago it was unusual to hear a business executive describe his company as a brand, yet today it is becoming far more commonplace. This evolution of understanding is spawning a new set of marketers in companies that are interested in pursuing new ways to market and generate sales revenues. In the near future you will find business schools offering social media and related marketing techniques and they will be required coursework.

Why it matters: The business marketplace that approach social media and related direct to market tactics can found them daunting at first. There is a new language to learn and new processes to think through to implement a successfully integrated sales marketing program. These tactics can empower CEOs however, and make them much more successful in their spheres of influence in a quick and powerful way. Companies who understand and embrace these tools will become better equipped to compete in their markets and thereby lower their risk of becoming obsolete while increasing their sales.