What happened: Last week I received an invitation from Guy Gecht, CEO, and Toby Weiss, GM/SVP of the Fiery division, cordially inviting me to attend an exclusive EFI webcast press conference to unveil a revolutionary new office solution that will change the way enterprises create and produce documents. Their invitation was direct and to the point promising that I would hear and see how this new solution could bring the power of professional printing closer to office workers while maximizing existing investments.

Why it matters: I immediately wondered how many printing companies are using webcast conferences to convey their important messages to their current and prospective customers? I know I have never been invited to attend a conference of this kind by any printer so I wonder if any printing companies do this? There are a number of benefits that would be received if they did: a) could talk to many customers covering a large geographic area; b) could convey your printing company’s new media prowess possibly leading to different types of projects; c) could increase the number of impressions you build with each of your customers and prospects which as everyone knows could lead to increased sales.