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Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

  It happened so fast. With one quick COVID-19 jolt, everything about businesses, their strategy, plans, and even their products and go-to-market strategy had to change.  Many had been in business for nearly a decade. For example, one company had a slow start during the first several years, they had achieved modest growth in revenue [...]

Checking Your Blind Spots

  Blind Spots. We all have them. Our business areas where we don’t have a clear idea of what is happening while we are leading the business.  You know the term well from driving. Blind spots are the road areas around our vehicle that cannot be seen while looking forward or through the rear-view or [...]

Putting the Cart before the Horse

  I’ve done it.  You’ve done it.  We’ve all done it. At some point in time, as we are growing our business, we have identified a roadblock that is hindering the growth of our business…or an opportunity for growth that we want to capture… and we take action! … we kick-off that IT infrastructure project [...]

Professional Services entrepreneurs :: A different kind of animal.

  You know what I mean. …You started it from scratch as an entrepreneur/owner. …You got those first clients and delivered your first services by leveraging your professional expertise/experience. …You hired/trained the team to implement your standard of service and care. …You lead and are involved in all aspects of your business – from big [...]

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