About Tom Marin

Tom is the President and Founder of MarketCues, a management consulting firm that guides organizations through major transitions leading to increasing revenues, profits and market share. Tom is a consultant, coach and advisor to CEOs of Middle-Market organizations. He advises private, public and nonprofit clients with high-stakes strategies regarding significant reorganizations built around agility and transformation programs.

Rethinking For A Change

  When the economy changes quickly, companies often react in very predictable ways. They make cuts in their operations to lower their expenses, raise their prices, or learn to live with less margin. Although these are in many leaders’ playbooks, we recommend rethinking your present circumstances through our “Growth Model” lens that allows you to [...]

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Adhere To Your Core Strategy Or Disappear

Strong words but true. The number one reason companies fall out of favor with their customers and employees is because they allow their culture only to benefit themselves. Today, it’s easy to spot a winning company from one losing by observing what customers and employees think of the company.  The number of “quits” this year [...]

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What Are The Three Parts of a Successful Strategy?

Designing a successful strategy is a very simple three-part construction of Who, What and Why, but it can be incredibly challenging and frustrating! For some, the three parts come together immediately, but it takes months or even years for others.  This seemingly simple process is so difficult because it forces you to bring a razor-sharp [...]

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I Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!

  I can't thank everyone enough who has contributed and participated in my success at MarketCues for the past 16 years. Clients, associates, investors, service providers, including strategic advisors, creative artisans, and a whole lot of people I’ve met in so many places such as airports, conferences, and let’s not forget webinars! Wow, has there [...]

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Slow Down to Grow Fast

                  Talk about an oxymoron! Slow down to grow my company fast? Are you kidding me? I realize this does seem like an off-putting idea, but in reality, it’s how the most successful companies grow. It’s not necessarily about becoming the largest, by the way, because not [...]

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Your Best Strategy: Become Known for Just One Thing

A successful business finds a way to be unique and distinctly different in its market. This is often easier said than done, and unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses. The fastest way to build a successful business starts by answering two questions. Answering these two questions for some takes minutes and others years: [...]

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Take Your Organizational Strategy to the Next Level with Ai-Driven Automation

Have you been thinking about how to increase the market share of your organization? Or perhaps you’re experiencing difficulty managing a hybrid workplace with a mix of virtual and on-site employees — all the while evaluating what you can streamline against what must stay in place. These types of issues are expertly and objectively answered [...]

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Making Quality Strategic Decisions Smart

For-profit and non-profit organizations can dramatically improve their quality decision-making by applying ‘smart quality’ filters to their strategic planning.  Is your organization caught in the “debate and wait” syndrome? If it is, there are likely patterns that need to be changed. For decades, organizations have used strategic planning as a stapled tool to rethink what [...]

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