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Tom is the CEO and Founder of MarketCues, a consulting firm that guides organizations through performance transformations leading to sustainable growth, financial impact and greater organizational health. He advises private, public and nonprofit clients with high-stakes strategies regarding significant reorganizations built around agility and transformation programs.

Rethinking Cultural Growth

Healthy organizations are growing organizations. This simple fact works very much like riding a bicycle up a hill. Once you stop pedaling your momentum shifts from up to down! Executive leaders and team members who understand this principle never stop rethinking their organization’s strategy to create a healthy culture because they know sooner than later, [...]

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6 Insights Leaders Need To Be Successful

If you always see your organization in its present reality, you’ll never envision a new one! There are six key insights we have learned that all successful leaders know: Any asset brought to an extreme can become a liability. Products and services are a means to an end, they’re not the end goal, so the focus [...]

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3 Reasons Organizational Change Is Difficult

It’s quite common for organizational leaders to become so busy they don't have time to think through their next organizational change.  We interview employees and customers of our clients’ organization and often hear how hard and how much everyone is working, but at the same time, no real change is being accomplished. Something is not [...]

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4 Keys to Driving Organizational Change

Leaders help an organizational transformation succeed by putting into action a new direction, creating a model that others can follow to implement the desired changes, building stronger team cohesion, and owning the process.  Today’s business environment present companies with unique challenges on how to drive change. They can’t settle for incremental or periodic improvement because [...]

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Why Some Leaders Easily Attract Followers

Have you ever asked yourself why it is some leaders have a great team who want to follow them while other leaders struggle with organizational issues?  I have asked this question to hundreds of leaders for the past 30 years while coaching and consulting company executives. In most cases, there is an abrupt “Deer in [...]

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4 Ways to Improve Your Team’s Performance

One of the most debilitating workplace experiences is when your team leader sits down to talk with you about your performance in terms of what you are not doing right.  This type of conversation begins with an introduction such as, “I would like to talk to you about some things that have been concerning me.” [...]

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4 Growth Drivers Every Manager Should Understand

Like many professionals, my job requires expertise in data and analytics. For me, this is great, because I’m an executive consultant and coach who loves analyzing data, and I deal with C-Suite executives who demand a strong ROI. As I move through an organization, I frequently find managers who are in incredibly important middle-management positions [...]

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Organizational Awareness: An Incredibly Important Business Driver

Once an organization has a strong alignment and deep integration of purpose at full throttle, it can confidently drive awareness to create a clear path to success. Leaders and team members need to say what they mean and do what they say. Doing so fuels and builds the organization’s awareness. In fact, nothing builds momentum [...]

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Why Organizational Integration is the Catalyst for Change

Organizational alignment brings an entire team together from the CEO to the person who just started in a low-entry position. When there is a commonly shared vision and a plan everyone understands how to achieve it, effective integration activates.  The power of organizational integration also produces collaborative teamwork on all levels of work. It is [...]

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