The world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand is one of the most consistent packagers and marketers on the shelves today: Mobil 1. All of their packaging is designed with the consumer in mind starting with its eye-catching graphics to the easy to read instructional labeling. And backing up the product is an enormous Web site – click here – where customers can find solutions to their very specific vehicle questions.

For instance, you can insert your vehicle year, manufacturer, model, typical temperature the vehicle is driven in and if it is under warranty. From this information, the Web site calculates the recommended Mobil 1 products you should use to keep your vehicle in top shape.

Additional topics that are covered in great depth include why synthetics are important, car care, special promotions, how to videos and tons of do-it-yourself projects that protect your investment.

With this type of commitment to its customers, is any wonder why Mobil 1 continues to grow and maintain its leadership position in the market? It’s not just that they have great products or the correct pricing, it’s that they have thought through how to help its customers in so many innovative ways. That’s how leaders stay leaders.