Putting the Cart before the Horse

  I’ve done it.  You’ve done it.  We’ve all done it. At some point in time, as we are growing our business, we have identified a roadblock that is hindering the growth of our business…or an opportunity for growth that we want to capture… and we take action! … we kick-off that IT infrastructure project [...]

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From the Board Room to the Zoom Room

  Today, if you’re not doing business virtually you’re going to have a tough time succeeding. Take IPO roadshows, for instance, where CEOs pitch investors prior to taking their companies public. This was always done in person with as many trappings such as impressive board room tables and precise presentation choreography. Not so today, it’s [...]

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3 Reasons I Am Bullish About Businesses Doing Well This Year

  Everyone in our country and around the world are making changes to how they do business. Some market sectors have been more dramatically damaged, such as hospitality, restaurants, and travel. Firms in these segments are being hit the hardest because they demand more direct personal touches than cloud-based businesses. So you might be wondering why [...]

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Professional Services entrepreneurs :: A different kind of animal.

  You know what I mean. …You started it from scratch as an entrepreneur/owner. …You got those first clients and delivered your first services by leveraging your professional expertise/experience. …You hired/trained the team to implement your standard of service and care. …You lead and are involved in all aspects of your business – from big [...]

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Navigating Your Team’s Journey

There are five types of leadership styles that we often observe during client engagements:  VisionaryTeachingStrategicCaring Analytic In our experience, most leaders have a combination of one to three of these qualities, but most tend to have one dominant type, and the others are in support. For example, someone who is quite analytical might also be skilled [...]

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Relevance in today’s uncertain business environment is the only true job security.

Organizational relevance is the final step after an organization has been aligned, integrated on all levels, and its awareness is well-known in-house and in the marketplace. When these three drivers are functioning at a high level, then it’s time to address and build an organization’s relevance in its marketplace. Relevance is produced when an organization [...]

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The Challenge of Driving Growth

Driving business growth is an important issue that is top of mind for all business leaders, regardless of the type of business you’re leading.  It’s one of the few goals that both for-profit and nonprofit organizations share. While this issue is top of mind for many due to the shifts that have occurred because of [...]

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The Next New

Most executives think of decision making as a singular event that occurs at a particular point in time. Many call this a pivot or transition. Months into the global pandemic has taught us one large lesson: the world is forever changed and it's not going back to where it once was. When it comes to [...]

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4 Things Great Brand Leaders Know How To Do

The Four P’s of Branding™ is a registered trademark of MarketCues, Inc. The world has shrunk and people are much more informed than ever before, including how well your brand is delivering on its promises. Today, a brand owner has to go far beyond making claims such as high-quality, excellent services, been in business for [...]

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Navigating in the New Workplace

Today, companies all have something in common when thinking about how they will meet the new challenges that have been thrust upon them by COVID-19 lockdowns. Leaders and employees are trying to figure out the best ways to stay safe and, stay productive.  Peter Drucker once said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Drucker [...]

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