What happened: 4 Over, Inc. has been serving its community in many ways for many years. Starting with its ‘Believe Project” in 2005, the company has consistently tried to put value back into their marketplace. 4over employees have volunteered their time and have made a difference in many different charitable events. Run/Walk fundraiser, Holiday Spirit for Children, Blood Drives, and many more mark 4over’s continuing community contributions.

Why it matters: Building brand trust is the most difficult dimension of brand building. It takes careful planning and a keen sense of what is going to make a difference in the hearts and minds of customers and vendors alike. Sometimes this is an intentional act and other times it is simply what the principals of a company want to do. Either way, good is sown into a company’s marketplace and a positive brand image is reinforced. For anyone who has been on the planning side of an all volunteer organization or event, you know the hard work required is not to be minimized. So congrats to 4over and its employees for giving back into a world they routinely get work in. They obviously have heart.