“Business” and “identity” are two words that can be put together to express one thought– especially if you are Metrovista, the printing company in Orlando, Florida.

(Metrovista’s new corporate id)

The design of the logo brings you to an immediate conclusion with the tagline underneath it, “Where Printing Means Business.” This printing company realizes how important business development is for its customers and therefore has emphasized this emphasis in its tagline. The ‘towers’ were designed to remind the audience that they have printing in their plant without going for a more literal depiction of print colums you’ve seen hundreds of times before. They are slanted, somewhat like an arrow, to express action.

It made me realize there are primary ingredients we like to build into each corporate identity project we undertake:

Simplification: The concept of a corporate identity should be easy to figure out and the best test of that is how quickly the primary message of the company can be communicated and understood. If you are a printing house that offers web services then your logo should express that both visually and textually in ways that are easy to grasp.

Impactful: The look of a logo should be substantially different from all other logos out there, particularly those that are in your field. This is a difficult task in the printing industry because of the overuse of printing rollers, plates, and easy to identify symbols that have created a mee-too visual industry.

Innovation: Similar to impactful, the corporate identity should possess something ‘other-worldly’ that says, ‘We look at your problems from a different perspective than our competition.” If your identity is truly different, it’s easier for a potential customer to believe you will approach their challenges with the same degree of creativity. And probably more creatively than your competition.

The company is planning new brand marketing in the weeks to come. We will feature their continuing efforts of rebranding as they are introduced.