Introducing Appy Hour

A new term has emerged, “Appy Hour” reflecting the growing demand for apps that do things that people do every day but wouldn’t mind automating. Of course, developers are guessing at ideas looking for the next “BIG THING” but a few stood out at this month’s technology showcase show, CES, the Consumer Electronics show. Such [...]

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Do you have the right goal?

For the longest time business executives have been guided by their estimations and projections. This has been their number one activity when setting a course for the following quarter, or the following year. Makes good sense to anyone who is in the business of growing a business. But the rules of engagement have changed. It’s [...]

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Stick to one brand strategy or else!

After 25+ years of developing and implementing brand-marketing campaigns I have come to several conclusions regarding brand strategy. Today, not only do you need to have an intriguing value proposition, you need to find a way to say something, blog something, market something or publish something in a truly unique wording. Words matter. They should [...]

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Just how social is your social media?

Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said last week while discussing the company’s financial outlook, “Over the next five years, we expect four or five billion people to have smartphones. That is more than twice as many people as have computers today.” Incredible on its face value, but it’s easy to see its veracity. [...]

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Social Media or Social Mess?

The above chart that was shown at a recent marketing launch showcasing a suite of new media measurement tools as reported in Business Media. The chart visually presents the current condition of Social Media as it relates to those who use social media in their communications: It’s confusing and becoming more complicated daily. Unless you [...]

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How to increase your market to lead conversions

Complaints about not generating enough sales conversions abound. Perhaps you have heard or seen the daily requests from companies that are looking for an “Experienced business development director” who can bring in the bacon! I receive these types of requests from companies as well. It’s quite understandable really, given the current business climate, and it [...]

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Media Skills and 5 Ways To Improve Them

When was the last time you had to respond to a specific criticism over an issue associated with your company or with a perceived product defect and you were at a loss for words realizing that your response needed to be carefully phrased? Difficult questions like these and many, many others often catch people at [...]

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