Blind Spots. We all have them. Our business areas where we don’t have a clear idea of what is happening while we are leading the business. 

You know the term well from driving. Blind spots are the road areas around our vehicle that cannot be seen while looking forward or through the rear-view or side mirrors while we are driving the car.  

Ignoring these blind spots holds our business back and hampers our organization’s ability to execute its strategy and constrains our growth. This is especially true for CEOs of scale-up businesses. You have done the right things. For instance, during the past year you have:  

  • Assembled the leadership team
  • Held a strategic planning session
  • Identified quarterly goals and objectives
  • Communicated the company vision and mission
  • Finalized the marketing, sales, and operations plans
  • Ensured everyone has the tools or resources needed to succeed

And yet, today, something isn’t working. Revenue is flat, profits aren’t increasing, production delays occur, and tensions are flaring within your leadership team.

Somewhere there are one or more gaps between your organizational strategy and implementation—but you don’t know where. You’ve got blind spots. 

I experienced these blind spots with my own company, DigitalOwl, as we “crossed the chasm” from early adopters to an early majority. I have seen it happen with many of the clients I have consulted. One CEO of a $5M+ manufacturing company is a case in point. She had grown the business slowly over nearly two decades. She had gotten through the early lean years, operating at a loss and fighting to stay in business during some of them. She had successfully managed the company’s transition over the past three years from large OEM clients to an online retail business. 

She came into the year positioned for double-digit growth but sales for Q1 were well behind projections. Even more concerning, the forecast for the next quarter wasn’t much better. She was looking to resolve the problem but was getting conflicting information from her leadership team about the issues. She wasn’t sure what was required to get back on track. She had blind spots.  

MarketCues’ organizational assessment tool, SmartPlan360™, is a valuable tool to check your blind spots. Our software offers you a quick and comprehensive analysis of your business that helps you identify your most critical insights to chart your success strategy. This analysis includes highlighted “green lights” where your business is on track and “red lights” in blind spots that are impeding your growth.  

Also, and just as valuable, they provide you with an ongoing, data-driven roadmap that equips your team with strategies that can be implemented immediately throughout your organization to address the most critical blind spots.

If you are ready to check your blind spots, contact me today!