With offices in the US, China and South America, the company was experiencing tremendous growth in its many markets and recognized its need for a robust strategic plan. The company engaged MarketCues to implement a SmartPlan360™ and to prepare a comprehensive strategic plan on their behalf. One of the primary motivations for engaging MarketCues was to leverage third-party counsel to assist their CEO, Managing Director and staff with anticipated strategy shifts.



Objective data feedback expanded a major market and increased revenues by 35%.

The company re-organized around a Geo-Divisional Structure to provide its clients with the highest level of service with shoes on the ground in the specific geographies the company serves. Industry experts were recruited to assist the company in its representations to potential customers and service the business once it was developed.

“We are very pleased with the work of MarketCues. Their SmartPlan360™ provided us with a fresh look at our company and has helped us plan more effectively for our future. I would recommend this process for any company interested in continuous improvement.”

–Dr. Gene Kim, CEO

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