Middle-market industrial company with many products, including legacy brands, required a new strategic direction to rebuild market share in its key markets. The company’s ownership had shifted to a younger generation who wanted to create a new set of strategies that would drive the company’s growth and profitability in the years going forward. MarketCues was engaged to assess their current and new markets to identify specific areas for development. Working with the executive team, a new strategy was created.



Brand uplift substantially increased company and product recognition 100%.

After conducting MarketCues’ SmartPlan360™ Platform, the company was renamed to reflect the broadened image and create a new identity that included a positional statement referred to as the foundational product. Strategic recommendations included new financial management processes, systems upgrades, and visual communications to increase market penetration.

“We hired MarketCues to assist us with a major corporate strategy program. We recognized that we needed a strategy overhaul, so we turned to MarketCues as our consultant to guide us through the process. With their help, we renamed our company, repositioned ourselves, and created a new identity with all necessary marketing resources.”
-Ola Williams, CEO

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