Successful third-generation insurance agency hit a glass ceiling in their growth and wanted to determine the best ways to begin to grow again. They had tried several different strategies and marketing programs that enhanced their overall market identity and image but did not raise their annual revenues, so they wanted to try something new.



Grew revenues 45% in five years with a 182% net profit increase.

MarketCues conducted a SmartPlan360™ using a three-phase approach of 1) Assessment of the organization and markets served; 2) Prioritization of strategic initiatives; 3) Mobilization of the insurance agency to implement six “Success Touch-points” to drive business growth.

MarketCues was able to immediately analyze our business both organizationally and strategically, and provide a clear strategy that enabled us to grow 45% in five years with a 182% net profit increase. During this continuing engagement the close ratio increased from 34.1% to 74.9% and the retention rate increased from 81.3% to 98.9%.

-Robert Wurzel, Owner/Agent

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