The Printing Industries of America (PIA)
announced this week the release of their new 19×15-inch Sheetfed Test forms.
And they’re happy to announce this product because “…These test forms are the
first truly comprehensive examination tools for analyzing press conditions,
mechanical attributes, and color management areas of an offset press using a
single form,” according to their press release. Well, technically and
claim-wise I’ll leave it to the graphic arts industry to judge their veracity:

However, what is of interest to this Brands & Branding blog is that
PIA’s product is an outgrowth of a strong continuing trend inside and outside
the printing industry. This growing trend provides a consistent presentation of
a brand across many media types. The push for consistency began with companies
interested in consistent branding.

Why? Because the more a brand image is used
across all types of media the easier it is to recognize and recall it, and that
leads to improved brand response. It also leads to increased places a marketer
can creatively display their messaging to increase impact. In other words, more
people will buy more of their stuff. This is what we call legs…the ability to
get the brand into many different selling situations using the same brand

So important to marketing a brand the PIA has a
new set of tools to help companies accomplish this. This is a walk-away