Don’t let clichés get the better of you. You have heard it
many times before. You only get one chance at a first impression. A solid brand
strategy would plan both the first impression and the many other interactions a
prospective customer will have with the company through becoming a customer. A
great brand strategy will anticipate customers’ primary interests so they can assist
them completely. That’s what makes for strong customer relationships.

First impressions have been overrated. Think about the number
of companies you have done business with over the years. Did you really decide
which one to use and which not to use solely based on a first impression? I
really doubt it.

Instead, people judge who they are going to do business with
based on:

• Is the company committed to bringing out the very best in
each of my projects?

• Do they have a great working relationship with their
employees and customers?

• Are they approachable and creative?

• Are they a leader?

• Is their story so compelling that I feel like telling
others about it?

That’s the way most people judge companies and that’s a lot
more meaningful than a first impression.