If you are contemplating a new way to
communicate with your customers, prospective customers or industry contacts,
good for you! One common way is a monthly eNewsletter delivered to their inbox.

Just realize starting one is usually a lot
easier than sustaining one. So many companies still do not have eNewsletters
and quite a large number started one but didn’t continue producing it.

Why is this? Most researchers agree that 21 is
the magical number to form a habit. Same goes with eNewsletters, blogs,
updating a Web site and a long list of ways to promote your company.

Rider Dickerson, Inc., the printing firm that
offers print and graphic services, just started their first, “Delivering Better
Results.” You can signup to receive it by emailing here:

The key is to select the media that is going to
provide the most value to those you are communicating with and make sure you
will be able to sustain it for years. If you don’t you will join the long list
of those who started something but didn’t finish it. And that’s not a good way
to continue talking to your key customers or prospects.