Notice what this printing company says on each of their emails? “Please consider the environment before printing this email.” Great statement from a company interested in eco-friendly sentiments, but coming from a printer that makes its living printing, that’s quite a statement don’t you think?

Original Impressions CEO Roland B. Garcia, Sr. decided on this strategy years ago before it was trendy and because he was a front runner he was able to distinguish his company. Started in 1982 with 12 employees, Original Impressions, LLC has grown to a $21 million operation with 160 employees:

A successful brand strategy in operation if I ever saw one: Do what no one else is doing, do it better than anyone will be able to for years, and stick to the strategy to give it time to gain full momentum in the market. And of course, back it up with strong visual and textual statements like This is our eco-Culture:

Some of Original Impressions ad copy reads, “Maybe it’s time you expect less from your marketing communications partner.” Followed up with, “Less wood. Less water. Less energy, pollution and solid waste.” As an ECOPARTNER, the company offers eco-audits to any company who requests one.

It’s amazing what a smart brand strategy can create. The company currently serves customers in the industries of banking, beverages, cosmetics, cruise lines, fragrance, healthcare and many others.


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