It’s a question of linear versus exponential growth.

In the 20th century most communications were linear: point to point. Examples included sales calls, letters, telephone calls, faxes, and other one at a time communications. This created a safe and secure place for those involved in this process because everyone had their role to play. Was this a bad thing? No, because it fit the times.

Then came the Internet that turned everything upside down. For those who understand the dynamics and know how to leverage them this is an excellent time for growth. The key is in knowing how to effectively use the new media tools.

An important principle is to use each medium in the appropriate way the type of message requires.

For example, don’t use a microblogg like to post your quarterly financial report, or to post a shout out to someone you don’t know well.  On the other hand, posting an announcement of something new or unusual to a group of people you know would be excellent.

The more media platforms you use the more known your company will become, which is one of the main reasons for doing this in the first place. Over time you can expand your influence and brand messaging to impact a much larger group of key people all over the world. You might be surprised how effective this exponential growth strategy can work. You’ll have to be patient because just as it took time to develop direct relationships this will take time as well. But rest assured, it is the new way to communicate and grow your business.