Digital marketing has changed just about every business and consumer market. It has brought buyers and consumers incredible power by giving them the ability to purchase products and services, on their demand. This places two heavy responsibilities on brand owners everywhere:

  1. Always be “on”
  2. Always be relevant

If your company cannot deliver both of these factors equally well it will not do well in today’s competitive marketplace. New technologies today allow buyers and consumers to find information, see products and services in action, and chat with company representatives about very specific product and/or industry questions. These factors have all contributed to this new on-demand market.

These maneuvers are based on three “I’s” you will want to begin implementing:

These company services are no longer reserved for the Fortune 500 as more and more companies adapt to these changes to outperform their competition. Big companies are now being outflanked by much smaller ones who know how to harness these new strategic implementation tools better than they do.

For these reasons, it is a very good idea to adapt to these market changes when planning your strategic offerings. They can lead to strong market positioning and growth.