Here are eight ways you can improve your overall sales marketing program:

  1. Make sure that your corporate goals are perfectly aligned with your marketing goals to ensure that the strategies you employ are those top management approves and funds
  2. Ensure the sales and marketing goals are well defined throughout both departments and has top management buy-in
  3. Create specific P/L statements for each product/line so you can evaluate each set of promotions associated with that product/line
  4. Take ideas from all parts of the company and outside the company and use the best and lose the rest
  5. Recognize specific sales and marketing achievements by individuals who really try and make a program a success
  6. Align both the marketing, sales, customer service and PR department to push the same brand messaging inside and outside the company – speak with one voice
  7. Harness the good will of your best customers to create new ones
  8. Realize that most marketing programs take time to become successful and keeping a campaign running for a longer time usually creates more success than short-lived promotions

Whether you are just starting a company or running one that has been around for 100 years, by following these eight recommendations you will see your sales and marketing improve for the better.