…make products that are used in board rooms. Take NewPage, for instance. The company plays an important role in the quality of printed communications by providing coated paper consistency and quality on all of its papers. These papers are used throughout marketing campaigns, annual reports and newsletters throughout the country and regularly makes it into major board rooms including classrooms, newsstands, mailboxes and kitchens. Today, NewPage offers the broadest portfolio of printing papers in North America.

From a branding perspective, it’s easy to sample, specify and buy their products off of their Website which is a huge statement given the extremely long list of products they offer. Coated papers include well known choices such as Centura, Arbor Plus, Productolith, Sterling Ultra, Orion, and Capri to name a few. And there is their coated one side, uncoated, coated digital, certified papers and specialty papers. All packaged into one easy-to-use Website that provides useful information throughout.