Truly successful marketing communications campaigns begin with a highly creative and brilliant idea. That’s why they attract so much attention. But many campaigns fail to build a really interested following among even its best customers. When you stop to consider that the average home page receives less than five seconds of attention it’s easy to see the importance of making your story really stand out.

To increase your marketing campaign’s chances of success consider a few quick questions to see how you can improve your next launch:

Do you have an introductory campaign that is especially designed for prospect customers who know nothing about your company’s products or services? This particular type of program is extremely educational and takes nothing for granted. It’s a lot like teaching level one Algebra. You start slow and build from the last level of concept learned. The easier it is to learn about your company and the more enjoyable it is the more your prospect customers will want to learn about you.

Is your marketing offer particularly relevant to your prospects’ business needs? Purchase decisions are only made after a significant degree of relevance has been proven for their specific business environment and needs. There is no faking it here or trying to cover too many bases. Either your product does exactly what they need or not. Today, there are no grey lines. You’re either in or out.

Does your campaign function as a series of calls on your prospect? Is it one huge conversation or a series of small chats that lead your prospect by providing him/her with the information they need. Here’s a pet peeve of mine. If it is a download, then let them download it for free without having to give you any information. Consider this: you are in a store looking at a product and a store person comes up and tells you to continue to learn about the product you will need to provide your email address! You would walk out. Same with downloads. A lot of people go somewhere else. Maybe that’s why your SEO program isn’t working? You’ve mixed up the timing of when things should be free and open and when you should charge for them?

The main point of all of this is to create engaging experiences that will make it easy and enjoyable for your prospects to become your customers and not someone else’s! This takes imagination and hard work but is worth the effort once you see new customers being added to your company.