One of the fastest ways to make a friend, besides having a lot of money, is to ask them what do you think? How did you get into the business? Where did you go to school? What’s your favorite type of music? Ask a person about themselves and it’s easy to get them talking. It’s one of the most often sales coaching principles shared universally by sales coaches, mentors and managers everywhere.

That’s exactly what Sun Chemical did when they produced their corporate signature and tagged it with, “Working for you.” Instant interest from customers everywhere. Here is their corporate id which as you can see is set in big bold red, green and blue colors that are sure to impact readers.

During Print ’09, Sun chemical showcased their innovative products and stated in their press materials that they were designed to “improve productivity and bring value to customers in both the commercial and folding carton markets.” During the show Sun Chemical representatives met with customers to talk about how they could help meet their individual productivity and sustainability goals after analyzing their specific workflow requirements.

While there is always a lot a marketing manager can think of to talk to a customer about, such as his or her company’s products and features, the best place to start is with this question, “How can I best assist you with your needs?” Or, “If you could wave a magic wand and solve your most pressing need, what would that be?”

Chances are after really listening to the answer you will be on your way to building a strategy that company will appreciate.