Let’s start with why you might want to do that in the first place. Simply put, tons of people are opting out of print and into online media. Does this spell the end of printing? In my opinion, no it does not. But what it does mean to me is there are new ways of marketing a brand and companies want to learn more about that.

At the recent graphic arts show, GOA, held this past month in Orlando, Florida a printer told me he was going to sit the new media tools out until it was obvious who the winners would be. We were in a crowded space with lots of people around so I did not feel comfortable saying much to that topic other than, “You may want to rethink that idea.” The problem with anyone sitting on the sidelines is the parade goes by without you. The reaction wasn’t noteworthy, but what is of note is how fast things have changed in just the past 24 months. For instance, the advent of QR Codes is a great example of one such marketing phenomenon.

QR Codes: What are they?

QR Codes are those funny looking graphs that you see popping up on direct mail pieces, packaging like the ones above on the shelf, posters at business conferences and a host of other marketing applications. If you are a printer who has been watching this newer technology and haven’t joined in you may be missing out on an excellent way to build your company’s overall brand awareness. By the way, in Japan and Europe QR Codes are quite common.

They are becoming more popular in the US in various print marketing campaigns. They’re simple to use with a camera phone that has the ability to scan the QR Code Images via a downloaded APP that is installed on the phone. Once a snapshot is taken it can open up a web page in the phone’s browser and display the creator’s contact information, marketing messages, etc.

This personalizes the “web-to-print campaigns” that marketers are looking to offer its customers and can be very beneficial to lots of customers who are looking for ways to increase their business. Chances are this is a door opener for you to pursue and build some new trust and projects with those you serve. It also positions your company as a thought leader in an otherwise crowded market. As the use of QR Codes increases, and my guess is they will, your firm can become known as the one who was there in front of the parade and not watching it.