There is a natural interaction between social media strategy and content strategy. When they are worked together as one cohesive push-pull strategy brand messaging can score off the charts. That’s assuming, of course, the messaging lines up perfectly with what your key audience(s) are searching for. So important I believe, that one without the other, is the proverbial billboard in the desert.

So the question is, which comes first? In my experience the answer is content strategy should come first. Why? Simply because your key stakeholders, those that purchase your goods and services and influence their sale, should be the primary target of your brand messaging.

Successful brand marketers will become their best judges of content over time, because the more they publish their messages and test them the better they will become at crafting them. But at the end of the day, your content is actually your customer’s content, and that makes them the object of your distribution doesn’t it. And that makes them the King Kong they will rightfully become over time.