Some marketers don’t
like looking at the potential exposure of their brand. It may be because they
worry if they really put their brand under an ROI model lens it would produce
less than positive results…or maybe it’s because they don’t have the tools to
be totally objective.

Concerned about drawing
internal management attention, marketing folks often try to avoid this
self-inspection at all costs. They do so at their own peril.

This is okay if your
brand occupies the top leadership position, but there can only be one and that
leaves many more underneath.

So how do you know how
recession proof your brand really is? Here are a few indicators you can ask

Are you
gaining market share from your competitors or losing market share to them?

Are you
closing the gap by making your competitive advantage stronger?

Is your
company’s customer loyalty stronger this year than last year?

If the answers to these
questions are not all in the positive it’s time to consider new strategies to
put your brand back on the track to success.