A strong corporate identity helps define a company’s brand image. This is true for press manufacturers and printing companies who purchase their products. In the case of manroland (formerly MAN Roland) who developed a new look for its identity last year, the corporate impact, particularly the likes of its logo and tagline makes it a truly effective duo.Let’s look at how they are using this combination of words and pictures.

Picture One:

Nothing particularly special here, you could say. But when you take the ordinary sans serif typeface in gray and add a spot of blue on the ‘o’ you get a clear representation of the world and the world of customers manroland serves.

Picture Two:

This upfront and bold tagline, WE ARE PRINT is in tune with the corporate identity and let’s the world know exactly what they do. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best choice of all.

Picture Three:
ROLAND 500 The only thing the ROLAND 500 can’t do by itself is press the start button.

The corporate identity and signature is carried on all products and services. This is a clear case of a company who using simple, direct and effective brand marketing throughout all of its marketing.