Ryman Eco Font
[hr_invisible] A new font has emerged inspired by a 14-year-old kid. His story got some ink and captured the attention of British agency, Grey London who went to work with Monotype, a world-class font company, to create the first truly eco-friendly font.

The font promises to save the amount of ink that is needed to print a page which in turn saves the plastic ink typically is packaged. This also means there is less waste to dispose of which is safer for the planet and of course, less ink means less expense.

The font is called Ryman Eco, and it’s free when downloaded here.

You’ll notice its particular use of lines and space create the savings. For regular correspondence that uses 12-point type the lines are hardly discernible to the eye. Blown up to 96 point will reveal its eco design, but then how many of us enlarge our type font to that size?

The font is available for Windows and Macs. We tested the font on our Macs at MarketCues.com and found it printed perfectly for our business correspondence. Let us know what you experience.