It’s true that one of the easiest things to do in brand strategy is to add a promise, and then to keep on adding more and more and more…

It’s also true that one of the hardest things to do in brand strategy is to subtract a promise, and then to keep subtracting more and more and more…

Why is it so easy for us to add, yet so difficult to subtract?

There are many factors that contribute to the situation, but the most important ones include the following:

  • We have a lot to say, and we need to keep the ideas coming so we can be sure to get our “brand story” across.
  • We need to demonstrate our credibility by showing both our application and technological prowess in many markets and circumstances.
  •  If we change one of our promises, or cease making one, we confuse or worse confound our customers, and this is never a good strategy.

Whatever the reasons, the result is a brand strategy that is so bloated with promises, your audience can’t see the forest through the (brand messaging) trees.

What to do if you are in this spot after so many iterations of brand messaging?  And you know who you are!  Consider employing a new brand strategy: “one brand, one thought.”

This is usually not an easy practice for many, particularly for those that have allowed their brand messaging to include everything and the kitchen sink. But it is the only way your brand will ever have a fighting chance to be heard, seen and felt.

A quick exercise is to write a short description of your brand. This should include, “Why does my brand exist?” and “What value does my brand bring like no other?” In other words, what is so unique about your brand that no other brand can claim?  Edit this down to one sentence, and then add one to three supporting points that prove this main point leaving no question in anyone’s estimation.

The result should be a singular brand statement, and much more focused.

It’s absolutely true that the less you say, the more your audience will focus on what you truly have to say.

When you apply “one brand, one thought” to your brand strategy and messaging you will be on the way to creating a new kind of clarity of thought and impact that your audience will truly appreciate.