The Good: A balanced Social Media Program can provide an individual or company brand owner with a tremendous amount of awareness and response. Established social media platforms are now enormous with Facebook ticking in at 400 million users, Twitter at 75 million, and YouTube at 48 million. Today, it’s impossible for anyone to ignore this phenomenon or wish it away. But Twitter’s delivery system last week shows that with great success comes great pressure.


The Bad: In technical terms, Twitter provides this message when you are being redirected to its 503 page (503 Service Unavailable page). Once there, Twitter calmly explains their servers can’t handle the current traffic. In our terms, that means that you can’t solely rely on Twitter to provide a balanced social media program. Rather, a Multi-Channel Marketing program needs many prongs, many media channels, many business links, many business forums and many discussion groups, so that when one of them goes down it does not affect your total program.