The online explosion has created some very new dynamics that marketers in the printing and publishing businesses need to think through before they plan their next online marketing campaign. There are definite techniques that can be learned from the consumer market. Here are a few suggestions that will help you build a stronger and more effective business marketing program:

1. Reality Check – Step back and ask yourself these two questions, “What is the essence of my company  and what makes it different than all others?” 

2. Create a human interest story –  Put a human face to your products and services by creating something that is truly unique in your market. What I mean by this is it is important to realize that most companies market their company and services in substantially the same way. They use phrases such as Quality, Service, Guarantee, etc. and as a result most companies sound and look the same. This does not create any unique interest for customers searching for your kind of products and services.

3. Know your market’s habits – the fundamental things such as reading emails, visiting favorite blogs, reviewing the weather have become daily routines. Getting qualified prospects to check out your online video or signup for your E-Newsletter are more complex behaviors. To get these from prospects you have to provide them with something they want, are attracted to and is different from other companies.

The best brands such as McDonald’s, Starbuck’s and Google have defined themselves in ways that make their company unique and attract new customers each day.