Once an organization has a strong alignment and deep integration of purpose at full throttle, it can confidently drive awareness to create a clear path to success.

Leaders and team members need to say what they mean and do what they say. Doing so fuels and builds the organization’s awareness. In fact, nothing builds momentum faster.

Organizations that implement a strategic plan that is aligned to their goals and integrates them throughout the organization are 12% more profitable than those that don’t, according to Mission Facilitators International (MFI). Astoundingly, MFI also reports that 95% of the typical workforce doesn’t understand or even know their organization’s strategy. 

We’ve found two reasons this is the case: 1) Organizations rarely link strategy to budget, and 2) Most executives spend less than an hour a month discussing strategy with their full team. Given these two factors, it’s easy to understand why an organization’s awareness might be low.

It’s ironic that although organizations of all types and sizes use these concepts every day, there is a gross misunderstanding of how they work. The majority of leaders and their teams agree they could significantly increase their organization’s awareness, but knowing how to unravel this traffic jam remains a mystery to many. Here are several tips we offer to clients to improve their organization’s outreach. They are relevant no matter the size or type of organization:

  • Keep the “Big Picture” in mind— address issues that can be solved quickly within its context.
  • Accept criticism gracefully— knowing it will surely come, and learn from it.
  • Avoid a “One and Done Syndrome” mindset— look for patterns within the organization’s behavior as well as what is communicated by external customers.
  • Provide leadership opportunities for everyone— not just those with big titles, to increase the motivation and willingness of everyone in the organization to “spread the word.”
  • Take time to ensure you have all of the facts— do this before you make changes.

When an entire organization from top to bottom holds a complete understanding of its vision, goals, strategies, and tactics, it can relate far better to those it serves at every touchpoint. No organization today can operate in a vacuum. The new global economy provides the context that all organizations are evaluated against, so achieving high positive awareness is one of the crucial keys to developing a strong market presence.