It's not often you plan and stage a global brand launch. Maybe you sell printing or packaging services, or both, on a more regionalized basis. Still, you can learn a thing or two from a global player that pulls out all of the stops, all of the tricks, and spares no expense.

I'm talking about Heidelberg's new brand campaign. Let's look at some of the things they did to make their splash on Friday, 9/11/09 at Print '09:

Brand Theme: Eco
Brand Package:
– Green Title = HEI ECO
– Video Testimonial from a satisfied customer
– Green URL =
– Green Newsletter
– Corporate Folder, with pockets to house the brochures and news releaases
– Water Bottle to drive the ECO theme
– Flash Drive with all printed materials in PDF format
– Green Bag to hold all of the materials with the theme and URL printed on the sides of the bag
– Fully assembled printing presses to demonstrate their capabilities

What you have to admire is the precision that was used to make this brand campaign so impactful. The strategy, theme and packaged materials were extremely impressive. All were flawlessly presented.

Do I think this was effective? Yes. Do I think every printer needs to do the same? No. But what can be learned from this campaign is how effective an "integrated brand campaign" is when your print, media, live demonstrations and Web site marketing grows from one strong strategy. And that's just what this campaign did.

Well done Heidelberg.