Good work begets more
good work. By participating in award competitions such as those recognizing
noteworthy design, packaging and bindery your company can gain market
recognition. This also builds brand trust and you can build a stronger team
spirit inside your company. These are all worthwhile goals while pursuing
excellence throughout your company.

One opportunity is
currently being offered by The Binding Industries Association (BIA), the
preeminent organization for the binding and custom loose-leaf manufacturing
industry. This week they announced its 2010 Product of Excellence Awards (POE)
Call for Entries. Companies worldwide are eligible to submit their best work to
be recognized with this prestigious award

“Not only is the
competition an excellent vehicle for promoting the industry and its
capabilities, it also gives companies the opportunity to see how they stack up
against their competitors, and how they can improve their own operations,”
says Mike Roswell, President, Roswell Bookbinding.

Eligible Products

Any pieces produced between March 2009 and March 2010 are eligible to be
entered into the competition. The deadline for submissions is March 26, 2010.
For complete details, please visit

one of the most solid ways to build your company’s brand program and see how
your company stacks up to others in the market