You know what I mean.

…You started it from scratch as an entrepreneur/owner.

…You got those first clients and delivered your first services by leveraging your professional expertise/experience.

…You hired/trained the team to implement your standard of service and care.

…You lead and are involved in all aspects of your business – from big picture strategy and finance to daily operational details to ensure quality and results.

And now you want to scaleup your business to:

…Stay ahead of the competition…capture more market share…prepare for an exit at a higher valuation…build a legacy business…reap the rewards of your hard work.

But the way to scaleup isn’t straightforward. While there are proven business models for growing professional services businesses, such as law firms and accounting firms, there’s little guidance on the metamorphic change process that needs to happen to scaleup – as a leader and as a business. You are a different animal.

For more than a decade, I have been working with many entrepreneurs going through the startup to scaleup phase across many industries. The ones I found with the most unique opportunities and challenges— growing from startup to scaleup— were professional services entrepreneurs.

In 2020, I began searching for systems and frameworks to support this metamorphic change process. From the many I found and examined, MarketCues stood out for their approach to fostering transformative change and growth. In August, I joined the MarketCues team focused on working with CEOs and owners of professional services businesses seeking to scaleup.

Join me here as I explore challenges and opportunities and share my insights and perspectives from working with those of you professional services entrepreneurs going through metamorphic change to scaleup.

Professional Services entrepreneurs. The demands of you as a leader are different. The strategies and processes for your business to change are different. You are a different animal.