Healthy organizations are growing organizations. This simple fact works very much like riding a bicycle up a hill. Once you stop pedaling your momentum shifts from up to down!

Executive leaders and team members who understand this principle never stop rethinking their organization’s strategy to create a healthy culture because they know sooner than later, their coasting is going to catch up with them. 

Four Steps That Produce Positive Cultural Growth:

Step 1: Care more about what you say to others.

Step 2: Commit to doing many small caring things to make a large difference.

Step 3: Concentrate on making yourself trustworthy and trusted.

Step 4: Create a caring leadership style by taking care of the people in your sphere.

When you put these four steps into a continuous development loop, they will produce the cultural growth in your organization that all leaders say they want. Be careful with these, however. 

Caring acts need to be offered with a genuine spirit, versus in an obligatory way.  A senior executive once told me the mark of a genuinely caring leader was when he asked someone on his team how they were doing, he listened carefully and actually cared about what they had to say.

This is the type of organization and leader that everyone wants to work for. The days of just having a job and making a living are pretty much over. Today, people are far more interested in working for an organization that cares and listens to them, and they place far less importance on the amount of money they earn than how they are treated each day. 

These four steps are foundational to all levels of leaders and team members. When they are fully implemented throughout an organization, tremendous positive feelings can be felt and that fuels positive cultural growth like no other recipe.