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Are you rethinking your business? Do you have strategic questions you would love answered? Then this book is for you!

Today, I’m happy to announce my newest book, RETHINKING FOR A CHANGE is available in paperback and Kindle eBook. I wrote this book for leaders, managers, and professional practitioners who are keen to rethink their current strategies and design new ones. 

This book is a quick read filled with insights into how companies successfully thought through their toughest challenges and won. The book is told through the eyes of CEOs and their team members from my 10 most recent years of consulting and coaching. You can pick up your copy on Amazon here.

RETHINKING FOR A CHANGE brings much to the table. Applying six foundations to growth provides you with solutions to challenges you might have had for years. Watching companies turn around their business and produce sustainable growth has convinced me of their effectiveness. Many have reorganized their strategic priorities and watched their net profits skyrocket. 

After many years of consulting and coaching, I understand the challenges leaders face and how to help them avoid potential pitfalls that can be quite devastating. For me, this has been a long journey of learning. For you, it can be a short journey to read this book to help you and your team successfully rethink your toughest challenges.