Our research of hundreds of organizations has shown that there is often no single unifying leadership methodology and approach being used throughout the organization. As a result, from the perspective of those the organization serves, every time they begin to use a new program or service they have to learn an entirely new set of rules and processes. This methodology, or lack thereof, creates a collection of differing approaches and bordering of programs that does not unify an organization.

There are three warning signs that can be used to discern if your organization is heading in this direction:

  1. The organization is operating at some proficiency but constantly needs to make personnel shifts and is not updating its processes to stay current with the needs of those it serves.
  2. The organization is in a stalled growth stage and leadership has concluded there are some leadership and staff problems that they have lived with for the past five years. 
  3. The organization needs a new strategic focus but has been unable to determine one that has the legs and foundation to fuel the needed change.

MarketCues’ research shows that an organization’s difficulties are not going to be resolved through external changes and updates such as improved friendliness or faster service, although these are all positive and helpful improvements they will not make the substantial growth difference the organization is looking for. 

What is often required is an organizational transformation that reflects its current stage of growth. Often, an organization with stalled growth is in the second stage of development but using first stage leadership practices. This is often the key to understanding what has stalled growth. If you think this might be what your organization is experiencing here are some quick shifts you could consider making:

1st vs 2nd Stage

We have discovered that to drive long-term growth what matters most is one unifying strong vision backed by one strong voice to foster reinvention of the organization’s early-on pioneering days. By applying this simple but powerful vision and process throughout the organization greatly improves its chances of achieving its growth goals.