Let’s talk about growth. 4over, Inc. began its journey in 2001 and are now 290 employees strong. Their secret is really not so secret. Here’s what their ceo, Zarik Megerdichian says, “We realize our customers have very tight deadlines. That is why we are here to ensure their print jobs are delivered on time to meet their objectives.”

Does that sound like a totally new concept to you? So what’s happening here has something more to do with what they say, it’s what they do that’s interesting. To continue their spectacular growth they have built their brand identity and messaging around a primary concept that meets their clients’ needs and interests.

The challenge for all brands is to build a strong, two-way conversation with its customers and to be able to both anticipate and exceed their expectations. In former times companies would “take their stand on specific issues” that built their financial balance sheets. Sometimes these stands did not serve the customer in the most efficient way. Examples included take it or leave it pricing. Strict adherence to normal working time. Tight requirements for artwork specifications.

Then came the economical changes that they rocked everyone’s world, including printers. It’s evident that 4over, Inc. well understood these dynamics and built a powerful stage to make their brand promises. Simple really… do what you say and say what you do.

Say. Do. Build. 4over, Inc. makes promises that are of serious interest to their customers. Here’s a list that leads the charge:

  • Going green – using soy-oil based inks instead of traditional petroleum-based ink.
  • Safe for the environment and creates brighter colors.
  • Providing quick turnaround timing – doesn’t charge a premium for their quickness.
  • Unique Aqueous and UV coatings – safe for the environment makes for great pressroom standards.
  • Paper – only use paper that is not produced from illegally deforested trees.

As the company states on its Web site, “As the environment needs use more and more, 4over is on a mission to use the safest and least polluting materials in producing printed products.


Say. Do. Build. Something to think about when developing your brand strategy.