Does your company have the increasing revenues you want? If not, we will help you identify why and reshape your company’s strategy, operations and programs to meet your customers’ needs best and maximize your return on investment. We even provide you with practical project management tracking software. But what truly separates MarketCues from the pack is our ability to create new strategies specifically for your organization based on your collected data using our SmartPlan360™ strategic planning software. This analysis leads to personalized plans that help you rethink new ways to grow.

We partner with our clients to help them through major transitions, make innovative changes, and build enduring new capabilities into everything they do. By combining deep organizational development expertise with strong market knowledge, we help clients overcome their most significant challenges.

What We Offer


SmartPlan360™ Platform helps you identify the most critical insights to chart your strategy to success. A healthy organization is growing, and building a fully aligned team is one of the keys to organizational health. Misunderstandings and confused communications are eliminated when everyone works toward one common goal and strategy. With the SmartPlan360™, we help you achieve your goals and increase both your top and bottom lines.



Rethink Workshops are intense, interactive and designed for senior leaders and team members to quickly build your organization’s health and growth. The workshops fast track achieving your organization’s goals. Comprehensive training is designed to unlock your team’s unique identified strengths and implement proven performance strategies to bring your team to its next level of growth.



MarketCues’ B2B consultants have deep experience working with all different types of organizations. Our consulting and coaching programs are designed to help leaders and their team members create and deliver lasting results. Put you and your executive team on a fast track to growth using our approaches, practices and systems that your team needs most to succeed. You will receive unbiased and unvarnished advice from a coach who has experienced and overcome the challenges you currently face. Our clients report health and growth gains of 10% to 40% during their first year.