Being small isn’t a problem. Having too many small things to do can be.

We've been taught that taking care of the small stuff is a good thing. How many times have you heard the expression, “If you take care of the pennies the dollars will take care of you?” What makes this seem true? 

For one, there seems to always be time for the things we really enjoy or we don't have to think about. Maybe you are administrative manager and enjoy organizing and putting things in their place. This can be physical objects or digital. Or maybe you don't like to organize so you leave everything around you. Your garage, office, family room, den, everywhere is filled with stuff. To you that's okay.

The question is, because you spend so much of your time on your stuff, does that leave you any time for developing your next big idea? Maybe s business you were going to start. Maybe a trip to research something to jumpstart a new career change. Or maybe going back to school to complete that degree you’ve always wanted. Or just going back to school period.

The important point is to stop doing the little stuff long enough to get your bearings. The small stuff may be snuffing out your big opportunity. And maybe it's time for that.