There is a rapidly growing number of social media channels to choose from.

I would like to suggest seven as foundational considerations for your business.

  1. Blog: for those with an interest in the subject to begin with
  2. Micro-Blog: Shorter information blasts
  3. Social Networks: Many different type of social platforms that are niche-oriented per user/type
  4. Video Sharing: Used well with viral video’s and video channels
  5. Social Bookmarks: a method for Internet users to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web resources.
  6. Image Sharing: free platforms allow you to host, upload and share your photos and videos
  7. Podcasts: is a series of digital media files (audio or video) that can be downloaded via Internet such as iTunes

At the top of delivery channels I’d suggest Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, flickr and iTunes.

If your strategic channel program uses this mix of social media, driving your content as useful information to those you are connected, I would say you can’t go wrong.