WHAT HAPPENED: The more I read about social media and its uses the more it seems the lines of demarcation are being drawn between the b2b and b2c marketplaces. The essential principles of brand marketing remain the same for each, of course, which include consistency, persistency, quality, value-driven benefits, etc. What is becoming different are the types of promotions marketers are using more frequently. Business audiences are busy and want factual and useful information that aids them in their buying decisions. Consumers want to be entertained with creative media twists that create laughs, shocks, and wows.

WHY IT MATTERS: Marketers in the marketing and communications industry are going to have to make serious decisions that impact the kind of marketing they will provide each of their clients. Channel partners will need to determine if they want to blend entertainment with education in their marketing approaches. Clients will need to decide how far they will allow their brand messaging to be pushed in one direction or another. If the two can’t come to a mutual decision, new channel partners and client relationships will be needed.