What happened: Cure UV is everything UV. The Co-Founders John Wilson and Bob Schenk of cureUV.com have been developing and supplying UV lighting products for over 15 years. The practical experience gained from offering some of the most technologically advanced UV products to a diverse variety of markets provides them with a very experienced understanding of what works.

Why it matters: It’s a rare find when a company focuses itself on one specialty and builds its entire operation on that one thing. The more natural trend is for a company to offer everything that is related to its original core offering. But It takes daring and a keen sense of what customers want to purchase to specialize. By doing so can bring major returns if you become known as an expert in that specialty. In cureUV.com’s case, they have been at UV for many years and have built up a very broad and deep set of product offerings that include curing dryers, electrodeless UV lamps, wide format digital inkjet UV printing and UV Drying Systems, to name a few. The results speak for themselves.