Four words that can change any executive’s perspective. They provide hope for a better day and points in the direction of improvement. Who can’t subscribe to that?

In today’s marketplace it’s easy to see how broken things really are. Our Federal Government hasn’t exactly set the pace of innovation and the markets have behaved uncontrollably for most of the past five or more years.

What has helped many businesses and nonprofits is knowing what their true north is: their core strategy of what makes them different and better than everyone else. If you haven’t determined that for your business you are probably experiencing some of the residual effects that come from a lack of direction. One way to design is to start small but think big toward your “Z” end goal and there are several benefits for doing so.

  1. You won’t waste time worrying about what to do. Instead you’ll spend time doing what will drive your growth and profitability strategies
  2. You will be successful at the one thing you do best and you will become known for it, leading to increased market awareness
  3. People you network with will notice your renewed sense of purpose and confidence and they’ll want to join you
  4. You’ll notice your renewed sense of purpose and confidence and that will motivate you even more
  5. It will help you eliminate all distractions that don’t support your core strategy such as spending too much time in social media and not enough with your core prospective customers
  6. You will think about how to achieve your long-term goal rather than this week’s sales
  7. You’ll have a much higher chance of meeting your core goal

All of these reasons, and many others, should motivate you to find your unique market differentiation. If you don’t have one worked out, it’s back to the drawing board until you do.