Strategy Ship


Organizations can limit themselves and their abilities to produce truly transformative strategies by ignoring the side of the Strategy Mindset best symbolized by a commonwealth, an organization-wide heartfelt understanding of what makes the organization truly different and unique. It is the Strategy that spreads these truths in powerful visual and textual ways that can radically improve the position of an organization, even one that has been struggling for years.

It is the Strategy that introduces and persuades others to take a look and then try something out. It is an amazing transformative process of taking an unknown organization and making solid believers out of customers who knew nothing about the organization before the process began. For profit and not for profit organizations alike all need a persuasive Strategy to remain viable in today’s incredibly complex, segmented and crowded marketplace.

Once a prospect becomes a customer it is the Strategy that needs to lead them to an intriguing and engaging user experience. Not just on a website but throughout all of the communications of the organization including telephone conversations, customer service discussions, technical support, and all other possible interactions the customer could have with the organization. Helpful guidance through these many types of interactions over time that is positive for the customer will reinforce and strengthen the organization’s position in its market.

Removing what hinders this process should remain a top goal throughout the organization and there should be zero tolerance for anything less. Each day the organization has the ability to prove its value in unique and differentiating ways. Removing what hinders brings greater value with each passing interaction.

Why is it impossible for some organizations to see past their own self-interests and understand how they impact their customer’s perceptions about them? Why does high brand value require the full organization’s efforts and throughput? Because without understanding customers’ deepest needs, there is no way to distinguish itself from the many alternatives that are just a click away from all customers.