Adhere To Your Core Strategy Or Disappear

Photo by Nina Uhlikova/Pexels Strong words but true. The number one reason companies fall out of favor with their customers and employees is because they allow their culture only to benefit themselves. Today, it’s easy to spot a winning company from one losing by observing what customers and employees think of the company.  [...]

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What Are The Three Parts of a Successful Strategy?

Photo by George Becker/Pexels Designing a successful strategy is a very simple three-part construction of Who, What and Why, but it can be incredibly challenging and frustrating! For some, the three parts come together immediately, but it takes months or even years for others.  This seemingly simple process is so difficult because it [...]

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Take Your Organizational Strategy to the Next Level with Ai-Driven Automation

Photo by John Schnobrich Have you been thinking about how to increase the market share of your organization? Or perhaps you’re experiencing difficulty managing a hybrid workplace with a mix of virtual and on-site employees — all the while evaluating what you can streamline against what must stay in place. These types of [...]

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Rethinking for What’s Next

Photo by Anne Nygard Strategy work is just that, work. Solutions rarely fall from the sky into our laps. It takes a razor-sharp focus to rethink your organization’s optimum solution that will bring it to its next level of growth.  While building a successful strategy is hard, it is also exciting. You get [...]

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Navigating in the New Workplace

Today, companies all have something in common when thinking about how they will meet the new challenges that have been thrust upon them by COVID-19 lockdowns. Leaders and employees are trying to figure out the best ways to stay safe and, stay productive.  Peter Drucker once said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Drucker [...]

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Rethink Your Implementation

Ideas are everywhere.  What separates a good idea from a successful business is its implementation. Visionary leaders always have many ideas and are often prolific. Because of this, they use a two-step process: 1) vision and 2) action. This direct vision to action style is ideally suited for the first and second stage of business [...]

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Rethink Your Opportunities

Challenges are opportunities hiding in plain sight. Many businesses perceive their challenges as very real threats to their long-term health, but they are just opportunities to transform the company into something better. Today’s uncertainty brings leaders new challenges they may not have had to manage before. The absence of a stable future can wreak havoc [...]

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